Coming soon TO Austria AND Germany in Marz-April /2023!

Plantarium presentations can be ordered for schools and events between March-April /2023**in   Austria and Gemany    (Austria AND Berlin surroundings - Brandenburg, Sachsen, Lepzig, Dresden) !!!

Next roadshow in March- April /2023 - Order possible NOW!

 Wanderplanetarium in Austria and Germany !

Wanderplanetarium / Travelling Planetarium, Budapest / Utazo Planetarium Ltd. - a mobile planetarium provider

We providing planetarium shows onsite for educational institutes (schools and nursery schools) in Hungary, Germany. In the last 3 Years we had total aprox. 30.000 attendees/year.

Within 6 year of operation in total more than 150.000 visitors!

In our team most of the colleagues are astrophysicist researchers and teachers. Our target is to get the children know the astrophysics better.

We are a mobile planetarium provider who decided to introduce the astronomy and the nature sciences to the children/scholars all around Hungary. Unfortunately there are only few operating planetariums in Hungary. We are the only one in Budapest who is open for public and we do not have a fix showroom, only occasional shows at museums, festivals. Mainly we travel to schools and nursery schools for giving planetarium shows. That means that generally we provide only some planetarium shows and presentations by age range (3-6 years , 6-12 years and 12+). Over this we already had several occasional open public (free) show days for museum days, fairies, astronomy day, National Academy day, children's day on countryside. On these days we provide different shows hour by hour. This is the reason why I am searching for new scientific shows. 
In our company the most of the colleagues (90%) are astrophysicist researcher or lecture or PHD students.

Hungarian languages: 

International connections, partnership:

NASA's Museum Alliance partner

The Museum Alliance

BFI - British Fulldome Institute

Royal Museums Greenwich

 Space Time

Planetario di Legnano, Italia / 3DES 

MOS - Museum OF Science, Boston

IAC- Instituto Astronomico di Canarias

 Hvézdárna Planetarium Bruno

Magyar Csillagászati Egyesület - Hungarian Astronomical Association

 ELTE Astronomy department

Astrotech Kft.

Magyar Tudományos Akadémia - Hungarian Academy of Sciences

 MTA - Magyar Tudomány Ünnepe 2015.

MTA - GEONAP 2016. 

Pécs, Zsolnay Negyed Planetárium

Zselici Csillagpark, Planetárium